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An interface representing a UNIX-style numeric file descriptor.

Method connectionLost Called when the connection was lost.
Method fileno No summary

Inherited from ILoggingContext:

Method logPrefix No summary
def connectionLost(reason: Failure): (source)

Called when the connection was lost.

This is called when the connection on a selectable object has been lost. It will be called whether the connection was closed explicitly, an exception occurred in an event handler, or the other end of the connection closed it first.

See also IHalfCloseableDescriptor if your descriptor wants to be notified separately of the two halves of the connection being closed.

reason:FailureA failure instance indicating the reason why the connection was lost. error.ConnectionLost and error.ConnectionDone are of special note, but the failure may be of other classes as well.
def fileno() -> object: (source)
objectThe platform-specified representation of a file descriptor number. Or -1 if the descriptor no longer has a valid file descriptor number associated with it. As long as the descriptor is valid, calls to this method on a particular instance must return the same value.