package documentation

An SSHv2 implementation for Twisted. Part of the Twisted.Conch package.

Maintainer: Paul Swartz

Module address Address object for SSH network connections.
Module agent Implements the SSH v2 key agent protocol. This protocol is documented in the SSH source code, in the file PROTOCOL.agent.
Module channel The parent class for all the SSH Channels. Currently implemented channels are session, direct-tcp, and forwarded-tcp.
Module common Common functions for the SSH classes.
Module connection This module contains the implementation of the ssh-connection service, which allows access to the shell and port-forwarding.
Module factory A Factory for SSH servers.
Module filetransfer Undocumented
Module forwarding This module contains the implementation of the TCP forwarding, which allows clients and servers to forward arbitrary TCP data across the connection.
Module keys Handling of RSA, DSA, ECDSA, and Ed25519 keys.
Module service The parent class for all the SSH services. Currently implemented services are ssh-userauth and ssh-connection.
Module session This module contains the implementation of SSHSession, which (by default) allows access to a shell and a python interpreter over SSH.
Module sexpy Undocumented
Module transport The lowest level SSH protocol. This handles the key negotiation, the encryption and the compression. The transport layer is described in RFC 4253.
Module userauth Implementation of the ssh-userauth service. Currently implemented authentication types are public-key and password.
Module _kex SSH key exchange handling.
Module _keys_pynacl Optional PyNaCl fallback code for Ed25519 keys.