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Handling of RSA, DSA, ECDSA, and Ed25519 keys.

Class FingerprintFormats Constants representing the supported formats of key fingerprints.
Class Key An object representing a key. A key can be either a public or private key. A public key can verify a signature; a private key can create or verify a signature. To generate a string that can be stored on disk, use the toString method...
Exception BadFingerPrintFormat Raises when unsupported fingerprint formats are presented to fingerprint.
Exception BadKeyError Raised when a key isn't what we expected from it.
Exception BadSignatureAlgorithmError Raised when a public key signature algorithm name isn't defined for this public key format.
Exception EncryptedKeyError Raised when an encrypted key is presented to fromString/fromFile without a password.
Exception PassphraseNormalizationError Raised when a passphrase contains Unicode characters that cannot be normalized using the available Unicode character database.
Variable Ed25519PrivateKey Undocumented
Variable Ed25519PublicKey Undocumented
Function _getPersistentRSAKey This function returns a persistent Key.
Function _normalizePassphrase Normalize a passphrase, which may be Unicode.
Variable _curveTable Undocumented
Variable _secToNist Undocumented
Ed25519PrivateKey = (source)


Ed25519PublicKey = (source)


def _getPersistentRSAKey(location, keySize=4096): (source)

This function returns a persistent Key.

The key is loaded from a PEM file in location. If it does not exist, a key with the key size of keySize is generated and saved.

location:twisted.python.filepath.FilePathWhere the key is stored.
keySize:intThe size of the key, if it needs to be generated.
KeyA persistent key.
def _normalizePassphrase(passphrase): (source)

Normalize a passphrase, which may be Unicode.

If the passphrase is Unicode, this follows the requirements of NIST 800-63B, section for Unicode characters in memorized secrets: it applies the Normalization Process for Stabilized Strings using NFKC normalization. The passphrase is then encoded using UTF-8.

passphrase:bytes or unicode or NoneThe passphrase to normalize.
bytes or NoneThe normalized passphrase, if any.
PassphraseNormalizationErrorif the passphrase is Unicode and cannot be normalized using the available Unicode character database.
_curveTable = (source)