module documentation

Endpoint implementations of various SSH interactions.

Class SSHCommandAddress An SSHCommandAddress instance represents the address of an SSH server, a username which was used to authenticate with that server, and a command which was run there.
Class SSHCommandClientEndpoint SSHCommandClientEndpoint exposes the command-executing functionality of SSH servers.
Exception AuthenticationFailed An SSH session could not be established because authentication was not successful.
Interface _ISSHConnectionCreator An _ISSHConnectionCreator knows how to create SSH connections somehow.
Class _CommandChannel A _CommandChannel executes a command in a session channel and connects its input and output to an IProtocol provider.
Class _CommandTransport _CommandTransport is an SSH client transport which includes a host key verification step before it will proceed to secure the connection.
Class _ConnectionReady _ConnectionReady is an SSHConnection (an SSH service) which only propagates the serviceStarted event to a Deferred to be handled elsewhere.
Class _ExistingConnectionHelper _ExistingConnectionHelper implements _ISSHConnectionCreator by handing out an existing SSH connection which is supplied to its initializer.
Class _NewConnectionHelper _NewConnectionHelper implements _ISSHConnectionCreator by establishing a brand new SSH connection, securing it, and authenticating.
Class _UserAuth _UserAuth implements the client part of SSH user authentication in the convenient way a user might expect if they are familiar with the interactive ssh command line client.