module documentation

An error to represent bad things happening in Conch.

Maintainer: Paul Swartz

Exception ConchError Undocumented
Exception HostKeyChanged The host key of a remote host has changed.
Exception IgnoreAuthentication This is thrown to let the UserAuthServer know it doesn't need to handle the authentication anymore.
Exception InvalidEntry An entry in a known_hosts file could not be interpreted as a valid entry.
Exception MissingKeyStoreError Raised if an SSHAgentServer starts receiving data without its factory providing a keys dict on which to read/write key data.
Exception NotEnoughAuthentication This is thrown if the authentication is valid, but is not enough to successfully verify the user. i.e. don't retry this type of authentication, try another one.
Exception UserRejectedKey The user interactively rejected a key.
Exception ValidPublicKey Raised by public key checkers when they receive public key credentials that don't contain a signature at all, but are valid in every other way. (e.g. the public key matches one in the user's authorized_keys file).