interface documentation

The reactor interfaces required by disttrial.

Inherited from IReactorCore:

Method addSystemEventTrigger Add a function to be called when a system event occurs.
Method callWhenRunning Call a function when the reactor is running.
Method crash Stop the main loop *immediately*, without firing any system events.
Method fireSystemEvent Fire a system-wide event.
Method iterate Run the main loop's I/O polling function for a period of time.
Method removeSystemEventTrigger Removes a trigger added with addSystemEventTrigger.
Method resolve Return a twisted.internet.defer.Deferred that will resolve a hostname.
Method run Fire 'startup' System Events, move the reactor to the 'running' state, then run the main loop until it is stopped with stop() or crash().
Method stop Fire 'shutdown' System Events, which will move the reactor to the 'stopped' state and cause to exit.
Attribute running A bool which is True from during startup to during shutdown and False the rest of the time.

Inherited from IReactorProcess (via IReactorCore):

Method spawnProcess Spawn a process, with a process protocol.