class documentation

An IHostnameResolver provider that invokes a provided callable to resolve hostnames.

Method __init__ Create a _SimpleHostnameResolver instance.
Method resolveHostName Initiate a hostname resolution.
Class Variable _log Undocumented
Instance Variable _nameResolution the callable resolveHostName invokes to resolve hostnames.
def __init__(self, nameResolution): (source)

Create a _SimpleHostnameResolver instance.

def resolveHostName(self, resolutionReceiver: IResolutionReceiver, hostName: str, portNumber: int = 0, addressTypes: Optional[Sequence[Type[IAddress]]] = None, transportSemantics: str = 'TCP') -> IHostResolution: (source)

Initiate a hostname resolution.

resolutionReceiver:IResolutionReceiveran object that will receive each resolved address as it arrives.
hostName:strsee interface
portNumber:intsee interface
addressTypes:Optional[Sequence[Type[IAddress]]]Ignored in this implementation.
transportSemantics:strIgnored in this implementation.
IResolutionReceiverThe resolution in progress.


_nameResolution: A callable that accepts two arguments: the host to resolve and the port number to include in the result. = (source)

the callable resolveHostName invokes to resolve hostnames.