module documentation

Standard implementations of Twisted protocol-related interfaces.

Start here if you are looking to write a new protocol implementation for Twisted. The Protocol class contains some introductory material.

Class AbstractDatagramProtocol Abstract protocol for datagram-oriented transports, e.g. IP, ICMP, ARP, UDP.
Class BaseProtocol This is the abstract superclass of all protocols.
Class ClientCreator Client connections that do not require a factory.
Class ClientFactory A Protocol factory for clients.
Class ConnectedDatagramProtocol Protocol for connected datagram-oriented transport.
Class ConsumerToProtocolAdapter Undocumented
Class DatagramProtocol Protocol for datagram-oriented transport, e.g. UDP.
Class Factory This is a factory which produces protocols.
Class FileWrapper A wrapper around a file-like object to make it behave as a Transport.
Class ProcessProtocol Base process protocol implementation which does simple dispatching for stdin, stdout, and stderr file descriptors.
Class Protocol This is the base class for streaming connection-oriented protocols.
Class ProtocolToConsumerAdapter Undocumented
Class ReconnectingClientFactory Factory which auto-reconnects clients with an exponential back-off.
Class ServerFactory Subclass this to indicate that your protocol.Factory is only usable for servers.
Variable connectionDone Undocumented
Class _InstanceFactory Factory used by ClientCreator.
connectionDone = (source)