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Ident protocol implementation.

Class IdentClient No class docstring; 0/1 instance variable, 0/1 class variable, 1/5 method documented
Class IdentServer The Identification Protocol (a.k.a., "ident", a.k.a., "the Ident Protocol") provides a means to determine the identity of a user of a particular TCP connection. Given a TCP port number pair, it returns a character string which identifies the owner of that connection on the server's system.
Class ProcServerMixin Implements lookup() to grab entries for responses from /proc/net/tcp
Exception HiddenUser The server was able to identify the user of this port, but the information was not returned at the request of the user.
Exception IdentError Can't determine connection owner; reason unknown.
Exception InvalidPort Either the local or foreign port was improperly specified. This should be returned if either or both of the port ids were out of range (TCP port numbers are from 1-65535), negative integers, reals or in any fashion not recognized as a non-negative integer.
Exception NoUser The connection specified by the port pair is not currently in use or currently not owned by an identifiable entity.
Constant _MAX_PORT Undocumented
Constant _MIN_PORT Undocumented
_MAX_PORT = (source)


_MIN_PORT: int = (source)