class documentation

A Protocol factory for clients.

This can be used together with the various connectXXX methods in reactors.

Method clientConnectionFailed Called when a connection has failed to connect.
Method clientConnectionLost Called when an established connection is lost.
Method startedConnecting Called when a connection has been started.

Inherited from Factory:

Class Method forProtocol Create a factory for the given protocol.
Method buildProtocol Create an instance of a subclass of Protocol.
Method doStart Make sure startFactory is called.
Method doStop Make sure stopFactory is called.
Method logPrefix Describe this factory for log messages.
Method startFactory This will be called before I begin listening on a Port or Connector.
Method stopFactory This will be called before I stop listening on all Ports/Connectors.
Class Variable noisy Undocumented
Class Variable protocol Undocumented
Instance Variable numPorts Undocumented
def startedConnecting(self, connector): (source)

Called when a connection has been started.

You can call connector.stopConnecting() to stop the connection attempt.

connectora Connector object.