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class HistoricRecvLine(RecvLine): (source)

Known subclasses: twisted.conch.manhole.Manhole

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TerminalProtocol which adds both basic line-editing features and input history.

Everything supported by RecvLine is also supported by this class. In addition, the up and down arrows traverse the input history. Each received line is automatically added to the end of the input history.

Method connectionMade Called after a connection has been established.
Method currentHistoryBuffer Undocumented
Method handle_DOWN Undocumented
Method handle_RETURN Undocumented
Method handle_UP Undocumented
Instance Variable historyLines Undocumented
Instance Variable historyPosition Undocumented
Instance Variable lineBuffer Undocumented
Method _deliverBuffer Undocumented

Inherited from RecvLine:

Method characterReceived Undocumented
Method currentLineBuffer Undocumented
Method drawInputLine Write a line containing the current input prompt and the current line buffer at the current cursor position.
Method handle_BACKSPACE Undocumented
Method handle_DELETE Undocumented
Method handle_END Undocumented
Method handle_HOME Undocumented
Method handle_INSERT Undocumented
Method handle_LEFT Undocumented
Method handle_RIGHT Undocumented
Method handle_TAB Undocumented
Method initializeScreen Undocumented
Method keystrokeReceived A keystroke was received.
Method lineReceived Undocumented
Method setInsertMode Undocumented
Method setTypeoverMode Undocumented
Method terminalSize Called to indicate the size of the terminal.
Method unhandledControlSequence Called when an unsupported control sequence is received.
Constant TABSTOP Undocumented
Class Variable pn Undocumented
Class Variable ps Undocumented
Instance Variable height Undocumented
Instance Variable keyHandlers Undocumented
Instance Variable lineBufferIndex Undocumented
Instance Variable mode Undocumented
Instance Variable width Undocumented
Class Variable _log Undocumented
Class Variable _printableChars Undocumented

Inherited from TerminalProtocol (via RecvLine):

Method connectionLost Called when the connection has been lost.
Method makeConnection Called with an ITerminalTransport when a connection is established.
Instance Variable terminal Undocumented
def connectionMade(self): (source)

Called after a connection has been established.

def currentHistoryBuffer(self): (source)


def handle_DOWN(self): (source)


def handle_RETURN(self): (source)
def handle_UP(self): (source)


historyLines: list = (source)


historyPosition = (source)


def _deliverBuffer(self, buf): (source)