class documentation

Run scheduled events after waking up.

Method __init__ Initialize.
Method doRead Read some bytes from the pipe and discard them.
Instance Variable reactor Undocumented

Inherited from _UnixWaker:

Method wakeUp Write one byte to the pipe, and flush it.

Inherited from _FDWaker (via _UnixWaker):

Method connectionLost Close both ends of my pipe.
Class Variable disconnected Undocumented
Instance Variable fileno No summary
Instance Variable i The file descriptor which should be monitored in order to be awoken by this waker.
Instance Variable o The file descriptor for the end of the pipe which can be written to wake up a reactor monitoring this waker.

Inherited from Logger (via _UnixWaker, _FDWaker):

Method logPrefix Override this method to insert custom logging behavior. Its return value will be inserted in front of every line. It may be called more times than the number of output lines.
def __init__(self, reactor): (source)
def doRead(self): (source)

Read some bytes from the pipe and discard them.